8 Holes Vegetable Flower Seeds Growing Box Garden Plant Seedling Tray Tool


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8 Holes Garden Vegetable Flower Seeds Seedling Box

The soil and water will not flow anywhere with using this seedling nursery box. It can be easy to conveniently manage seedling and promote the root growth. Suitable for agriculture and forestry, fruits, vegetable, flowers or etc.

Brand: JieGeng China
Material: PP + ABS
Diameter: 21cm / 8.27"
Height: 13cm / 5.12"
Cup size: 6×5.5cm / 2.36×2.17" (Dia.xH)
Color: sky blue, pink, orange (randomly delivery)

Usage Tip:
1. Cover the lid to hold in moisture after planting
2. Remove the lid in time after sprout, increase ventilation, reduce humidity, benefit to reduce seedlings disease

Package Include:
1 x 8 Holes Seedling Box