20pcs Flying Duck Orchid Seeds Caleana Major Orchid Flowers Seed


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20pcs Flying Duck Orchid Seeds Caleana major Orchid Flowers Seed

Caleana, the profile of flower likes a small flying duck, very vivid. So it is called flying duck orchid.

Conservation method:
Temperature: Like warm. Optimum growth temperature is 15-22 degrees Celsius.
During the winter should pay attention to cold and warm.
Lighting: Like sunny environment.
In autumn and spring, plants should be placed in a sunny place.
Watering: Like drying, resistant to drought. Watering should be kept slightly dry.
Fertilizing method: General fertilizing, once a month.
Winter dormancy should stop fertilizing.
Pest control: Should  prevent the harm of anthracnose, septoria and scale insects,
Red spider and other hazards.

Germination time: 5-7 days
For germination temperature: 15-22 Celsius

Package included:
20X flying duck orchid seeds